Thursday, April 12, 2012

From Oakland, With Love

Well, I'm barely in Oakland. Really, the only reason I'm in Oakland is because water separates Alameda from O-town. That said, I love this little loft. It's perfect for the moment. I don't think I'd want to live here forever, but it's a good place for Christian and I to be a couple.

I love it because it is tucked away between the freeway and the water in a reclaimed industrial area. Just so we're clear, I really do mean reclaimed. Some residential buildings here are new (wusses!), but for the most part, the living areas are also zoned for work. Outside are beautiful herb and flower gardens with the infrequent succulent for sculptural flair. People walk their dogs daily, and stop to chat often. Everyone walking down the street gets a smile. It's an awesome and creative community.

It also doesn't hurt that Alameda is right across the bridge. Literally, I can walk to everything I could possibly need, from hardware to groceries, to restaurants, bars, and coffeeshops. Everything is within a mile.

I truly love this little corner of the Bay. It is one of those sweet secrets few really explore. It doesn't have the wild nightlife of Castro or the shopping of Market Street. It's not infamous for riots like downtown Oakland. However, if you're looking to spend an afternoon in a quiet, friendly, very walkable borough - this is the one. No, it's not quite as hipster as Temescal, but it's definitely worth checking out for the boats and restaurants. And if you're looking for urban lofts, you should definitely try to find one here. It's a great place to live.

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