Thursday, June 14, 2012

Character Bios: Lovers and Rivals, Toran

I have a special place in my heart for thunder gods. It's probably why I just watched Thor again, despite myself.

Of course, the name Thor is a little overplayed. So I decided to go with something different. Taranis was a little too much for me, especially considering as I had already decided on Laran for the love interest in Lovers and Rivals (Laran and Taran? Please!). However, a mixture of Thor and Taranis might work - thus, Toran. It also reminds one of torrents, which was along the lines of thunder gods.

That said, I didn't emphasize Toran's abilities in Lovers and Rivals. In fact, I haven't given him specific abilities beyond those commonly ascribed to Sidhe and typical god kings. There was no reason to until this point. However, fear not good readers! Book 4 is going to show more of Toran's abilities, as well as those of other characters like Laran (I get shivers just thinking about it).

Even though we don't delve into the prince's abilities, we do see what kind of person he is. Toran is a good brother and a good son. He is loyal to his family, his friends, and his people. Because of this, he is sensitive to his obligations as the heir apparent of the Sidhe. However, his relationship with Dani could throw a wrench in things, especially when combined with his sister's newfound destiny. Ultimately, we won't see how these things play out until we get to book 4 (still trying to figure out the working title...).

I'm excited.

P.S. If you want some additional reading fun check out Book 3 - Lilith and Ammon - later this year. Ask yourself, who is the previous incarnation of Toran?

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