Thursday, June 14, 2012

Character Bios: Lovers and Rivals, Camulus

I decided I should finally start giving some character bios for Lovers and Rivals. In that vein, I started with an unusual choice (and one I didn't expect to even write) - Camulus Remicapra.

Every guy needs a best friend. For Toran, Khloe's brother, Cam is that man. Camulus is named for a Roman god of war, but a more obscure one than the well known Mars. I wanted a name that was a little more unusual but could be shortened to something accessible in the human world.

Even though Cam is human friendly, Camulus himself is a bit goodie-goodie and rarely ventures into the human world. Despite that, he would gladly do whatever Toran asked of him, even if it meant disobeying his father.

While Cam primarily plays Toran and Laran's foil, occasionally he acts as a foil for Khloe. In the castle garden, for example, when Khloe and Cam have a conversation, their interaction helps to show just how unusual Khloe really is.

Just as Leo or Julian are models of what it means to be Seelie, Cam is a model Sidhe. He contrasts starkly with characters like Macha, who he hates. Most importantly, however, he contrasts with Laran, who has a perverse love of human culture.

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