Thursday, July 26, 2012

Novels as Discussion Starters

I am almost finished with the first draft of Lilith and Ammon. It ended up being a lot less difficult than I imagined, and a lot richer. The plot went unexpected places and characters were created that I hadn't predicted. I also discovered just how cruel I really am and how I feel about our planet as well as our species.
Recently I began the second book in The Rollins Pack - Jeremiah. Like Lilith and Ammon with earlier books in the Khloe series, the end of Jeremiah was already written in James. Well, it was and it wasn't. We know a little about Jer's past from discussions, but there are few details mentioned. Jer is idolized by his younger brothers, but he's also known as a trouble maker. And just what was that discussion about human-werewolf relations again?
The Rollins Pack became a vehicle for me to explore gender roles, sex, and the politics between. So I wondered how I might take this one step further with Jeremiah. From James' story, we know the other boys aren't close to their mother, but what relationship does Jeremiah have with women? What was it like to grow up in the height of Wulfric Rollins' power? These are the questions I get to answer. And I'm excited about it. I'm excited to use this series as a place to discuss women's issues.
One of the things I am increasingly convinced by is the need for purpose in the written word. I have read things that flailed around and were awful. I've also read things with superficial purposes. I can tell you, a superficial purpose is better than none at all.
But what if you take writing further? What happens when novels force people to confront issues that are disturbing?
I'll be honest. Khloe is relatively fluffy compared to where Rollins is going. This was a conscious decision. It is going to have moments of fun and sweetness, but it's also going to delve into places where I've only scratched the surface.
After all, James was the pragmatic middle son. There are 4 other brothers to go. Jeremiah may have power and prestige, but that also means he has a lot further to fall.

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