Friday, October 5, 2012

8 Book Goal Update - JEREMIAH in Rewriting

I'm pleased to say I'm currently rewriting Chapter 4 of JEREMIAH: THE ROLLINS PACK. With any luck, I'll have it to several readers some time next week. The cover art concept is sketched, and I'm ready to start working on the final copy.

If my readers can get it back to me with comments by November, I'll have it out for purchase by Thanksgiving.

Once JEREMIAH is to my readers, I'll return to LILITH AND AMMON (finally!!).

In addition, I have completed and edited two short stories. One has been submitted to a magazine, while I am contemplating what to do with the other. I believe I'd like to submit it to a contest or a fellowship. I am particularly interested in a fellowship because of the additional connections this could bring me (Incidentally, if someone knows of a fellowship or contest that would be good for a feminist genre writer - send it my way!).

Another short story is partially written, but very depressing in the middle (going to give it a bittersweet ending) so I'm struggling to finish it.

My goal with the shorts is to write enough to produce an themed anthology of short stories. Themes are choice (lack thereof and abundance), reproductive rights, women, and children. Suggestions for titles and story ideas are absolutely welcome! If I use anything you give me, I will put your name in the acknowledgements and give you a free digital copy (at the very least!).

That sums up where I am with my book goal. I'll continue to keep you posted!

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