Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Interlude or A Rambling Update

I've been a bad blogger.
I don't know how many times I've read that on other blogs, but it still annoys me. Probably I find it annoying because it's the beginning of an excuse.

That said, I have one. I'm just not explaining yet - for a variety of reasons.

So you'll have to suffer a lack of Alexis perspective/humor for a little while longer. Sorry. I've no doubt you'll be fine.

For the short term however, enjoy a bit of rambling update. :-)

I've sent out queries to agents about JEREMIAH. I want that book backed by a big publishing house so I can piss off some people, excite others, and prod still more into thinking (all while enjoying some healthy shapeshifting). I'm still waiting to hear back from several agents and have several more I plan to query in the next month.

Writing has stalled largely due to a lack of energy and personal issues that may or may not be explained at a later date. You'll have to wait on that one.

I'm planning on applying to teach some online classes to fill in the income gap created when my art teaching job ends. That said, I just got the older kids for the first time and love them. Maybe it's because I've worked with 5th graders before, but their pre-pubescent attitudes just make me laugh. Plus I love their focus.

Christian and I are planning on having some couples camping time in the near future. The dates were postponed because his boss slipped a disk (eek!) so I'm not exactly sure when we'll get time. Even so, we're taking it because we need it. I want to use our gear and get out of the city. The exhaust fumes are bugging me. Christian just loves camping generally. It's time.

I still want a church home. I'm still bad about waking up on Sunday mornings. We'll see if we can make this happen. Between theology and worship, I know I'll have to compromise and as you all know, I really don't like to compromise.

I miss singing. I want to record some things up here and play with composition more, however this takes effort to learn software and funds to purchase equipment - two things I'm not sure I want to commit right now.

I am excited this year because I feel there will be many positive changes in our lives (across the board). Whoever thought 13 was unlucky forgot to count my life. Yes, it is an unknown. But the unknown is an adventure. And I love adventures.

With that, I will bring my update to a close. If luck is on my side I'll be able to slip back into sleep without incident. Cross your fingers. I'm going to need it.

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