Sunday, March 24, 2013

Am I Wrong? - Belief and the Twitter Feed

I recently got the first rejection in my third batch of query letters for JEREMIAH.

Being pregnant and trying to sell a book might not be the best idea. It's so easy to feel discouraged after receiving so many rejection letters and not getting responses at all from so many other agents. It makes me question if I'm on the right track at all - like maybe I should try something else.

Then, in a bout of ill-conceived masochistic midnight boredom, I looked at my Twitter feed. I follow a lot of writers. They post about their books. They post good reviews and about their successes. It makes me feel stupid, pointless - small. I read quotes about their books that are the exact opposite thing of what I want to read. The more I read of YA generally, the more disgusted I become.

And I I wrong?

Am I ahead of the curve?

Am I just plain wrong?

People don't seem interested in whole families that care for one another or deal with real issues. They want pulpy, fluffy twaddle that makes them feel like shit.

Who are these people and why are they so stupid??

I know I'm a good writer. I know I'm on to something in my books. I need someone else in a position of advocacy to know this too.

Where are you friend and confidante? Where are you champion of value and morality? Find me! My voice echoes in empty darkness leaving me dejected and doubting.

The universe conspires to bring us together, groping, and stumbling. I think we all need to pick up the pace.

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