Monday, March 4, 2013

Protein Makes a Body Feel Good

This goes along with other lies people tell about pregnancy - "carbs keep away nausea." Carbs are not your friend. They really aren't. Not only do simple carbs have less nutrition and help you put on pounds, but they do one worse. They can increase nausea.

Sugar (even the natural kind) literally makes me sick when it isn't tempered by protein.

Let me give you an example. Early on in my pregnancy I smelled doughnuts. I didn't know any better. The craving hit, and I NEEDED powdered sugar doughnuts. We got them. I ate some...and promptly was sick.

I learned my lesson. Now every meal has a good bit of protein involved. Every snack has something with protein. Yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese, hummus, meat, beans and peanut butter are cycled through daily. And sometimes eggs.

I've even read many vegetarian moms going back to meat during pregnancy because they *can't live without it.* Of course they may not have done well with dairy or something - who knows? All I know is I need meat, dairy, and legumes all the time.  I would have been more sick without these things.

Saltines are not enough. Don't let anyone tell you different because they're liars or don't know. I promise.

Pregnancy isn't the flu. It's a natural expected process. The things that work for illness don't for pregnancy. And believe me, I'm glad that's the case because I don't think I could live on saltines, bananas and toast for months. I'd be bored out of my skull!

Thank GOD for protein.

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