Friday, June 7, 2013

Why Choose This Over That - Naming Blogs

I am seriously having a rough time figuring out a name for this new blog. I'm beginning to wonder if I should even try separating my content because everything I like is already taken (and half of that was taken in 2006 and then never heard from again - I'm tempted to contact these people and ask them to delete their blogs for me!). The stuff I'm luke warm about is well, luke warm.

Christian told me, "it's just a name!" But you and I both know names are important. It's not just something that helps create the reality of the thing (you are your name, whether you want to be or not). It's also something that will (or won't) bring traffic. All the cutesy mommy blog names make me want to barf, but those are the things people search for.

I want it to be later so I can break out my laptop and be more systematic in my search for a name. I want to get started already on this stupid blog (or have someone tell me I'm being ridiculous and should just keep muddling through my mix of pregnancy and writing posts).

I hate this. I hate waiting. I hate making other people wait. I hate the heartburn that has returned with a vengeance after a few weeks hiatus.


I've had like 20 pregnancy post ideas since I tried to stop posting them on this blog. This seems stupid. It seems counter productive. I'm getting annoyed with this plan.

It's almost as bad as the search for a girl name (which by the way, we only kind of like - alright, *I* only kind of like). It feels like settling. I hate settling. But then again, I can't remember the process of choosing the name for this blog. I can't remember exactly why I did what I did there, or how I felt about it.

The issue isn't so much the title you see as the link itself. The title could change, if needed. The link is forever...I think.

Man this heartburn is bad.

I think the stress of trying to find a name for this blog along with my allergies and trying to get all the Summer Writing Challenge stuff done is getting to me. Then again, the kiddo could be kicking my stomach just so. Baby has been pretty active in the last hour, so it could be that.


This brings me to once again call on my friends and readers: what names do you like for a blog? Does it even matter? How searchable should the title be? Does that matter if post titles are super searchable (Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is what keeps me up at night. Something is wrong with me.)? Leave a comment or mention me on Twitter (@alexisdonkin)!

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