Thursday, July 11, 2013

One Day at a Time

I don't have much of an update as far as personal progress. HOWEVER I do have an update as to motivation.

While this week has been insanely crazy and much of my time has been devoted to our basic needs, there is some light (which you'll be able to read about on Raising An Alien).

Because of this new found light, I'm in a much better place than I was two days ago. I can say that while I was unsuccessful in getting much done this week, I am ready to get moving after Sunday. I say Sunday because that day is fully spoken for. Hell, even Monday is spoken for. Okay...TUESDAY. I promise. I'll get to everything TUESDAY.

Sheesh, this is embarrassingly bad.

I've been told that press releases need to be sent during the morning hours, and at the beginning of the week. Obviously this isn't going to happen this week, but that isn't the end of my promotional efforts through Saturday. There's always the much discussed Goodreads. It seems if the press releases can't go out, at least I can look into the details of a giveaway.

I'll be honest. If there are a bagillion forms, I may run away screaming. This week I've had my fill of forms (no more forms! No more hoops! Please!).

Whatever the case, I haven't given up. There is still time (not much, but there is some). I will be able to put together some books. I may achieve half my original summer publishing goal despite everything that's been threatening to thwart me. We'll have to see.

I keep saying that, but really, it's all I can do. I can only do what I can. Each morning brings a new day, and I'll take that day as it comes. It's a difficult thing to accept, but it is how my life is destined for the immediate day at a time...


  1. Hi there. I just bought and finished Jeremiah and it was great. I loved how his personality was so much different than James's. Also the situation of the family was completely different. It was a great book and I look forward to reading the rest of the series whenever you publish them.

    I am also rereading James :-). I really like his character and I would love to read about his college life in Boston.

    Best of luck


    1. Thanks yet again for the kind words! I'm glad I was so successful at making those characters so different from one another.

      We'll see what happens with the series. I have a plan, which has developed a little more in the past few months for Charlie and Freddy's respective stories. We'll just have to wait and see how those turn out. :-)