Thursday, August 15, 2013

SWC: LILITH Revision & Uncertain Poetry Collection

It seems like every weekend has become a whirlwind. The end result is always my writing/work taking a dive while I recuperate for a couple days and then things pick back up.

As such, I have a little more than half of LILITH revised...and I didn't realize how much left I really needed to add to the manuscript. I knew I'd breezed through the first draft, but working through it a second time I realized how much I needed to plump up. So far I think I've added about 2000 or so words.

In other news, I finally got GIMP to a place where we're no longer fighting. As you may know, technology and I don't exactly get along well. The most recent iteration of GIMP and I have been...having differences. It came to a head yesterday when I was trying to finish a cover for my poetry collection and I almost threw my laptop. Of course, my frustration caused EVERY program to stop working. Literally. I was incapable of doing anything on my laptop.

Needless to say, my technopath husband came and saved the day last night, using his skills to do a little GIMP/Alexis conflict resolution.

This meant I was able to finish my poetry collection's cover (I think - though I'm going to have it checked by my test group before I reveal it). I've already researched digital poetry collections for word/poem counts and prices. Everything is pretty much set and ready to go formatting wise as well. Literally, once the cover is finished, I can set it up for preorders (a new feature on Smashwords! Woot woot!) and subsequent publication.

LILITH will be ready to go when this revision is complete.

Then I just have a few things left to do on a couple other books.

I'm realizing now that I might actually get 6 books out this year. I'll settle for 4 considering everything that's happened in the past few months, but the fact is I might actually reach something like my publishing goal. I'm cautiously excited as I cross my fingers that I won't lose momentum over the weekend. With any luck, you'll get to see a couple more books out by next week!

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