Thursday, January 22, 2015

INFJ Dream Team?

INFJ: Just imagine what you can't see...
In the last few days I've been doing super crazy research about my MBTI type. In fact, I've been providing ample evidence of my own type - INFJ - in pretty much everything I'm doing (My reaction to stress is on full throttle these days...if only I could find a television show on which to binge the picture would be complete!).

It's crazy. Well, maybe neurotic. Which is further proof I'm an INFJ.

Thanks Myers and Briggs! You've provided an excellent explanation for all my actions! Sheesh!

So what have I been researching about MBTI types? Specifically I've been looking at ways to overcome my weaknesses and strong-arm myself into personal growth in ways that I am not inclined to on my own.

First I decided I should have a mastermind group - a group of people to mutual assure success of all its members by addressing problems and concerns of each individual. This is an idea I've thrown around for ages, however never definitively concluded how to go about setting up such a group. I am, as you might expect, driven to perfection. Therefore I wanted this group to be, well, perfect. The question I asked myself was, who would be on the dream mastermind group for an INFJ?

Necessarily, a dream group for an INFJ could serve as a dream group for others as well (though I haven't concluded who would be in such a group, so I cannot absolutely confirm this would best benefit other members...or even myself definitely.).

I threw around different types and finally stumbled upon a few sites with relationships across types. For example, an INTJ is supposedly my companion. We think about the world in a similar way (intuition babe - it's killer). We make systems and, well, we're *right.* ENFJs are my buddies, because, well, we're just shades of the same type (introverted or extroverted). I might be a bit more, uh, "psychic" than my extroverted buddy, but for the most part, our values are very similar.

All this is to say, I decided I need an ENTP and some kind of ST temperament in my life (possibly an ESTP, even though it might make me bang my head against the wall). I'm also increasingly convinced I should have some kind of SF in my life (ESFP? ISFJ?). Basically, I need to collect them all - all the temperaments at least - in a conscious, deliberate way.

I know -  this sounds a little crazy but lately I've felt like I'm surrounded by NFs...all the time. Everywhere. I love my little intuitive feeling group, but I need some variety in my life. Desperately.

The reason is I need to be pushed - pushed out of head and heart and into reality a bit more. I need to be pushed to try the things that are scary for me (and maybe I would push scary for these other types too? After all, INFJs are human lie detectors...and somewhat oracular. Not a comfortable thing for most people.).

So now what? How do I find these people? Do I put an ad on Craigslist? Do I go to some MBTI forum? Do I solicit my social media connections for recommendations? Suggestions? Volunteers to be a part of my success group experiment?

This doesn't sound diabolical at all....

And you, gentle reader, have you done anything like this? What was your success? Failures? What would you have changed if you could have? I'm open to direction (and possibly scrapping the whole venture if deemed a useless exercise). Leave a comment below!

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