Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Author Photo Shoot

Last week I had part of my greater plan for my nonfiction book come to fruition. A professional photographer, Daniel Quinajon, met me at the Santa Inez Mission for a photo shoot.

When we pulled up, a bronze guy with brushed back hair, goatee and mustache had his equipment out. I could tell he was testing the light.

Out of the car, he was ready to work his magic. I was a little awkward at first, it being a long time since doing a shoot in a public place. However, his friendly manner and easy conversation did wonders. He reminded me in multiple ways of a good friend of ours from Oakland. The combination went a long way to making me comfortable.

When he finished taking portraits with a few shirt and equipment changes, he offered to take some family photos as well.

It couldn't have gone better if I planned it!

The result is I have some awesome photographs and now have a difficult decision. Which picture should I use for an author photo?

Sometimes life is hard.

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