Thursday, January 8, 2015

Some Things Are Just Wrong

Let's get something straight:

The world is messy. Context is important...AND sometimes things are EITHER right OR wrong.

Yes. You heard it here from a progressive educated feminist published blogging mother...some people are wrong. Some ideas are wrong. Some choices are wrong.

There. I said it.

And...sometimes people should be judged for wrong. Really. They should. This wishy washy everything is okay to do in a certain context is complete bullshit. No. Not true. And sometimes people get hurt by this truth. Sometimes they read into things and make things personal...and maybe they are. Or maybe not.

It is, for example, never okay to rape. Never. Judged.
It is never okay to murder. Never. Judged.
It is never okay to essentialize a person to a single physical trait. Judged.
It is never okay to take advantage of someone less powerful than you. Judged.
It is never okay to make a decision based on your own needs or wants that will negatively impact hundreds, thousands, or millions of people. Judged.

And some people may hate this truth. They may feel terribly guilty for this. That feeling is a choice, just like the action that brought them to that feeling was a choice. And they need to own that choice.

So I tell you: Clean house. Clean your hearts and minds. Be honest with yourself and others. Everyone will be a whole lot happier for it ...even if it means we all get a little judgment.

The key here is to take that and use it. Take that knowledge of right and wrong and become a better person. We all have room for improvement. Admitting it is the first step.

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  1. You KNOW I love and agree 100% with this! Right on, sister-who-gets-that-their-actions-can-affect-others. xoxo