Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Success! Sort of... yay?

Last week I fell into a moment of weakness, which spurred a moment of motivation, which brought on waiting, and then...replies.

Magical...wonderful...feel good...don't give up you crazy starving artist writer replies!

I got personalized responses from a few editors about my submissions. This has been a rarity for me. Honestly it happened once, two years ago. Ever. Before now.

In fact, as I write this I wonder if the very act of writing about it may jinx me into the trash bin, but I can't help it. I'm excited. I feel affirmed, if only by receiving constructive criticism...which means I got a got a genuine read through, which is better than before. This means I'm on the right track, and with a little doctoring, may finally land that success I've been craving, striving for, in my writing life.

And while this is a limited glimmer of hope when compared to my former non responses and form letter rejections, it serves to spur me forward. Rather than slowing down, I feel the need to continue...to submit...to re-evaluate... to dream...to push harder.

Since I've finished my writing goal for the day and my email replies, I think it's time to submit a few more stories. Yes. I think that's a new weekly goal - until everything unpublished has been submitted and is under consideration I will submit several stories each week. And when there is nothing left, I'll start writing new ones (or I'll write something specifically for the sites I want to contribute to.).

With every rejection, I'll continue to polish. I'll rework. I'll reconsider. I'll perfect until I get yes. That is my path forward. Those are my next writing steps. I am a writer and I am determined.

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