Friday, March 13, 2015

Wild and Crazy Skills

Statue imitator?
What is the wildest and craziest thing you can do? I wondered. I asked. I got weird and entertaining answers. I started working on a companion workbook to go with my nonfiction book (both coming out in a few months...hopefully). It all got me thinking.

What can I do? What are the obscure skills I have? What angles can I fractal down to in order to analyze myself?

My experience includes, but is not limited to:
  • Cat wrangling and training
  • Toddler containment
  • Garbage repurposing
  • Daydream development
  • Witty one-line IRL microblogging
  • Surgical commentating
  • Globalizing the personal
  • Nap feigning
  • Militant self-discipline
  • Flexible time-management
  • Smart phone camera operation
  • Vocal impressions
  • Psychic interpretation
  • Meticulous bead design
  • Mud sculpture
  • Full body painting
  • Braiding
  • Pragmatic truth-telling
  • Thumb piano composition
  • Baby toy development
  • Interpersonal communication mediation
  • Immediate dance party creation
  • Impromptu public-speaking
  • Incessant challenge
Can I turn any of those things into a career? I mean, really. Not joking. Well, maybe a little. Okay, I'm totally joking, but if you came up with something that could use such random things, I would absolutely consider it. I just wonder if that is possible. Can you combine any of these things into a career? If so, what? And what are your weird skills and talents? Do you use them in your career? Tell me about it in the comments below...

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