Sunday, January 23, 2011

Steelers v. Packers - A Dream Superbowl

It has happened. My dream superbowl is going to occur this February - the Steelers will play the Packers.

Some might wonder why this match? Is there something about the players? The coaches? But no, it is something much more fundamental than these things. When Bill Cower was coaching the Steelers, my dad began to follow the team more religiously. It was at that time I learned about football. I would still say I have a limited knowledge of the rules, but I learned alot about organizational culture. The Steelers had been family owned for a long time. As such, there is a philosophy as to how the team was meant to be built and function, in addition to game play. They don't have cheerleaders. Players can be found at dives in the Burg during off hours. They are not divas, or if a player becomes so, they may be kicked off the team. The game is played defensively, and the Steelers are known for repeatedly sacking quarterbacks as part of their "steel curtain." There is only one other team that comes close to that kind of approach. There is only one other team that has been a true people's team as a franchise, and that is the Packers.

Since I learned about this approach to the sport, I have wanted these teams to play against each other if only to see two like-minded opponents on the field. Now I get my wish. Here's hoping for an excellent game.
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