Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Transition Times - Getting Ready for the Next Adventure

Once again I am facing a time of transition where decisions will need to be made and life will be turned upside down.  It doesn't feel like anything is any different.  After all, the sky is still blue complete with intermittent white wispy clouds and green trees, some even with buds of early spring.  Still, I know the time is coming.  Sometime in the next few months our lives are going to be very different.

I've done this many times in the last ten years.  It's become a kind of expected way of being. It's the reason why I don't form lasting attachments or completely unpack my things.  In fact, I have strategies and ways of unpacking that make repacking easier and more efficient. I don't become a part of communities or join groups because it seems like too much hassle to introduce myself and then turn right around to exit stage left.

Still, even though the day turns into night, and I've done this for what feels to be a thousand times, it doesn't get any easier.  I still have the feeling in my gut like I'm wrenching myself away from the beginning of comfortable.  There is that moment that happens maybe once a day, where I remember what I may be giving up - the potential that I held at arm's length. At the same time, I think of all the potential things I may gain once the decision has been made, whatever that may be.

The choice, the transition, doesn't necessarily mean moving across the country or the world. It could mean moving across the bay, or finally selling off excess furniture, cleaning out our things, and hunkering down here. So whatever happens in the next few months, it will decide at least a year if not more, of our wild journey through life.  No matter what the situation, or the choices that will have to be made, I know it will be an adventure.  That is what I live for - another story - another piece of a wild ride.

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