Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Exploration of Line and Color in the Bay

Below are six of my 5x5 inch mid-winter paintings with accompanying titles.

These were made through a combination of natural inspiration and the colors on my palette.  I have always been interested in patterns created within nature, of which there are many.  Often times patterns in nature are hidden, or slight, and need to be discerned by the observer as opposed to the clear patterns created by bathroom tiles, for example. The movement of an organic curving line interests me as much as straight sharp lines. Contrasting colors are as fascinating as colors within the same hue family created through slight variation. This series was a development and an exploration of these things.

To give you a better idea, I will mention some of the beauties of mid and late winter in the Bay Area.  Cherry blossoms, among other blooming trees, are shedding their petals.  The earth is muddy and mixed up with the leaves of autumn. Clear blue sky mixes with stark bare branches. I think you can see the influences even in just these six pieces.

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