Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Help Us Work for Net Neutrality

Recently I have become seriously concerned about net neutrality - that is when the lines of the internet are kept open rather than being constricted by corporate interests.  So far there are some locations in the U.S. where internet service providers are limiting the bandwidth of their clients, though everywhere in the U.S. is not affected.

If download limits are imposed, you may not be able to use Netflix.  You won't be able to download software updates with any kind of speed.  Literally, Cox, Comcast, and other ISPs like them will bottleneck the internet.

Many people are unaware of this issue.  In order to help those organizations that are spreading awareness and working to maintain net neutrality (i.e. Save the Net and Free Press) Christian and I are making T-shirts.  We have a Net Neutrality design that we are ready to have printed.  Half of all proceeds will go to advocacy organizations working for Net Neutrality.  In order to make this happen, we need at least 15 people to place advance orders so that we can cover the initial cost of the shirt fabrication.  The other half of proceeds will help me eat (always a good idea) and cover the cost of subsequent designs and shirt printing (a.k.a. more money to advocacy groups).

My hope is to make more of these kinds of items in order to help spread awareness and support these organizations that are working on behalf of everyday people like you and me.  If you are interested or know of other people who might be interested, please leave a comment or email me directly through my blog. 

Thanks in advance. :-)

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