Saturday, February 19, 2011

JeJune, Gourmet Pizza, and Rain - Adventures in SF

Yesterday Christian and I went on the longest adventure we've had since living in the Bay Area.  We went to the JeJune Institute. In the interest of encouraging you to do the same, and not spoiling anything, I will only say this: wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to spend 2-3 hours walking.  I would not suggest doing what we did - which was wandering around in the cold rain for almost 2 hours.

After trudging around in the rain, we finished the JeJune experience, we called some friends and proceeded to deal with rush hour traffic in the city first to the Presidio to cuddle with a Russian Blue while one of our friends got ready.  Then we drove across the city to Potrero Hill to meet another couple.  Once there, we walked a few blocks to a snazzy pizza place.  I figured pizza would mean all the regular flavor combinations meant for pizza with the most exotic being Hawaiian.  No, I was sorely disappointed.  I should have known when our waiter came over sporting a thick French accent that regular New York style cheese was far from an option. So we settled for a 4 cheese pizza with pears and raisins.  Let me just say, first that Gorgonzola tastes like fertilizer to me, especially when combined with other cheeses.  Secondly, pizza should never be sweet.  The only fruit that belongs on pizza is tomato.  Luckily, good company will always make a meal, no matter what the food is actually like.

There is only one place in the world where you could get pears on pizza, have an experience like the JeJune Institute, and finish it off with some organic tea in a green apartment. Thank you San Fran for another wild ride!

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  1. That sounds like one of the best days ever, even with the cold rain. I love exploratory nonsense. I wish I was there hanging out with you crazy kids. :(