Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life's Guilty Little Pleasures - Doughnuts

Christian is one of the few people on the planet blessed with one of the most coveted genes conscious or subconscious - good cholesterol. The man can eat the most disgusting crap and still has the cleanest blood the American Cross have ever seen at the donation center.

I, on the other hand, have heart disease on both sides of my family.  That a man can live longer than 35 years in my family is a testament to the ability of modern science.  I've been getting my blood tested for cholesterol levels since I was six.  Even though my cholesterol isn't north of six hundred (like some of my gifted relatives) it's certainly nowhere near Christian's low levels. As it stands, Christian craves high fat foods, whereas I crave vegetables and salmon. It's a rough series of compromises that gets our diet somewhere between those cravings. 

This morning, I gave in to his.  We walked a block to the nearest doughnut shop.  There are about 6 such shops within a 5 block radius.  When you go out farther the number jumps exponentially.  For some reason, doughnuts are back.  Maybe it's the fact that people have gotten over the deprivation diets and on to things like the "carb-lovers diet." So this morning we ate doughnuts - fried dough coated in a sugary glaze was never more delicious than when paired with French Roast.  My arteries and my belly may protest later, but my taste buds are thanking me now.  Yum!

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