Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adventures in the Bay - A Ride to the Sea

 After our adventure in Dolores Park, we decided to go to a place we had never gone before - the other side of the peninsula.  Rather than having a specified plan, we left the Mission District and headed west.  We inched our way through the highly fashionable, commercially robust, and techni-colored Castro District. As we wound our way along the hillside, we came upon a sign for Twin Peaks.  Thinking of David Lynch, we turned onto the twisty road to Sutro Tower.  We were lucky to be there on such a clear day. San Francisco is known for its fog, but that day there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  We could see the entire bay and all the way to the ocean. I couldn't believe our luck - it was beautiful.

After being swept away by the wind and taking a multitude of pictures, we got back into the car and continued our journey west.  As we continued west, the buildings transitioned from businesses and townhouses to individual houses with yards and trees.  It wasn't until we were within sight of both the zoo and the ocean that we stopped for dinner.  At the Java Beach Cafe sitting outside, Christian ate a hot sub and I had a spinach feta peasant pie along with a Stella.  I didn't think it was a coincidence that a cafe served beer next door to the Irish Cultural Center. Bellies pleasantly full, we drove into the sunset.  The drive along the ocean to Lincoln Way boasted dunes covered in ice plant and the occasional jogger.  It brought memories of the wharf in Santa Barbara.  The smattering of palms made me long for southern climes where you're able to swim in the ocean without a wet suit.  Still, the Bay Area isn't too shabby.  You can't go wrong with beer, Irish Culture, and a clear view.

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