Friday, March 4, 2011

Sing in the Morning - Bird Song Heals the Soul

Normally I wouldn't have heard it.  I woke up just early enough.  Normally I would have had my eye-mask on and my earplugs in depriving me of sensing the world around me.  That morning however, I awoke with my eye-mask off, showing me the morning light.  Wide awake, I decided to take my earplugs out as well and was greeted with the sweetest of sounds.

I love mornings.  I love the light and the way it reflects on the trees and flowers.  The world is sleepy, so the sounds of people are slight.  Cars aren't whizzing around as fast as can be.  At that time, along with the light, the sounds of birds fill the air.  It is this which brings a smile to my face.  No matter what happens in politics, economics, or any other social institution - if the world is about the collapse as we know it - it simply doesn't matter. The world is right when the birds sing in the morning.  Nothing can take that away from me.  Thank GOD.

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