Friday, March 11, 2011

The Anticlimax - Preparing for Phase 2 New Jersey & Santa Barbara

Anticlimactic - that's where we are.  It's amazing when you wait and wait and wait for something to happen, once it does, you are less interested in it and possibly put out by the situation it creates.  That's kind of how I feel now.  In all honesty, there's no kinda about it.  I am actually more anxious, more concerned, about all the little details for this summer than I was before I knew that Christian got into the program

Don't get me wrong.  I want him to do this.  I want everything that it means for him.  It's a great opportunity and he was one of the top two candidates the executives selected.  I love my husband and I'm excited for him.  I'm worried about entirely unrelated things.

For example, our lease isn't up until after he would be finished with this new program.  So I have to figure out what the best course of action is, or if we only have one course of action.  Ideally we would sublease the place for the final 2 months and then the new tenant could take over the lease as they chose.  Depending on our lease agreement, we may be forced to just break it which is an expensive endeavor.

Then of course, there's managing all of our regular bills that follow us regardless of geography - like student loans and cell phones.  Christian won't be working at that time, and I need to find a short-term position. 

That doesn't account for storing all of our furniture.  We could of course sell it, but when comparing how much we could get for the furniture with how much it would cost to replace it later, it's better to store it.  So then the question is where and how much for 1600 sq ft worth of stuff.

It's alot to think about.  Add the question of the financial solvency of our renters in Phoenix, and it's enough to make me overly snappy.  Literally all I'm thinking about is planning, piece by piece.  We made a list and divided it between the two of us in order to tackle things more efficiently.  Still it feels daunting. 

I feel like I should pare down my clothing.  I still have quite a lot of clothes that are too small in one or two ways that I'm clinging to in order to prevent replacement as I continue through my work out regime.  Do I get rid of it all? Do I keep it? Do I just keep the things I think I am most likely to wear in the next 6 months? Considering my wardrobe, that in itself occupies a special place in my worrying mind.  If only my closet was my biggest concern.

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