Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reproductive Service Funding Cuts - Who does it hurt???

As we talk about cutting spending, think about some of the effects and just WHO is going to be impacted by these spending cuts.

For example, a lot of the Republican representatives are pushing hardcore cuts to Medicare as well as federal funding for programs like Planned Parenthood.

Let's think for a second about this situation.  The same representatives are loathe to allow people access to free birth control - be it oral contraception or condoms.  We know access to contraception doesn't change the number of people having sex.  So we are setting up a situation where more people could become pregnant, but we are taking away services they need in order to address pregnancy - from prenatal care, to delivery, to postpartum.  This means, more kids who are less healthy (if women choose to carry to term - it doesn't address the hangers in back alleys which may occur if some women are unable to have access to abortion services). And guess what? Society has to pick up a bigger tab down the road because these babies didn't get what they needed at the beginning.

This situation is totally immoral. 

And yet average people can adamantly oppose taxing corporations because they are afraid closing tax loopholes will cause corporations to leave the country.  But they aren't thinking about the consequences of that choice.

I can tell you, these corps won't leave - things like this have happened in the past and companies stayed put. And even if they did, so what?  Isn't it true that one of the things on which we pride ourselves as Americans is to get back up and keep on pushing? I think it's better that we take care of our people so that our society is healthy rather than perpetuate the gross inequality that has continued to grow since the 1950s.

Here's hoping some decision makers wake up.

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