Monday, April 11, 2011

Unexpected Inspiration - The Sequel Continues

After I went to WonderCon, I fully expected to write about it.  I could have.  There were many interesting things on the Sunday I went - the most stunning being the panel on Doctor Who with Neil Gaiman.  However the most important thing that occurred was not what happened on the day.  It was the day after.

You see, I want to be on a panel. 

I want to be on a panel because my books are being made into movies and there is a special sneak peek available at a fan convention.  I want the room to be almost as full as it was for Doctor Who (I mean, realistically, how can you top the longest running and most beloved SciFi show EVER).  Sitting there next to me, I want there to be the director and the producer. 

Talk about knowing that you've made it!  That would be the top for me (or at least, that's as much as I can imagine as a writer).

WonderCon unexpectedly inspired me. The next day I picked up my lap top and brought up the Brothers' sequel, and started hammering away.  I haven't stopped except to occasionally eat, sleep, and workout.  Daily I've been writing over ten thousand words.  I've researched methods of address, Irish folk songs, and martial arts techniques. I've delved into pervasive Indo-European legends and I've pulled from ancient Anglo-Saxon and Gaulish customs.  I've even pulled things from Reiki.

This is what has kept me from diligently blogging.

I'm about a third of the way through the book.  The next major part of the story is about to start.  All the groundwork has been laid - or at least enough.  The question is, how will it work? How will I tie in some of the story hinted at from the first novel? That remains to be seen even to me. 

Writing for me is more about revelation.  Just like Michaelangelo was freeing his statues from the block of marble around it, I am a conduit for the story.  It was there, waiting.  I am as ignorant of the next part as you are until I write the words.  Literally, the story is revealed to me. So now, I'm going to sit down and have another revelation.  I'll keep you posted.

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