Sunday, June 26, 2011

Life's Full of Surprises - Update 1

Since I've been traveling around Pennsylvania it's been difficult to blog. This has largely been because of a lack of wi-fi and an unwillingness to tendonitis in my thumbs. However, I think I've been hiding too long and it's time to bring everyone up to speed.

I've been convinced, finally and absolutely to publish electronically. I am almost finished editing. With any luck the book will be available this week, but don't be mad if there is a delay because of travel issues, conversion time, etc.

I FINALLY picked up Christian. It's definitely nice to have my husband back. Now I'm ready for everything else to get on track to the point that I am anxious to get back to California in order to get things ready.

This leads me to my final update. I'm 99.9% sure we're moving to New Hampshire in the next three weeks. This is scary, for many reasons, and incredibly thrilling for just as many others. I have missed seasons, bluntness, good schools, sarcasm, pizza, pie, apples, cross-country skiing, and folk music, just to name a few... I am excited for Christian to experience New England and understand where I come from a bit better. It will be an adventure with many things to blog about and stories to tell.

Now it's just getting the details worked out and final touches, like getting my mom's recipe for hot apple cider. Yum!!
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  1. Bluntness. Yes. Among the je ne sais quoi I miss about living on the East coast, you perfectly and succinctly hit it right on for me with that one word.

    Sending wishes for patience, clarity, safety and a hell of a lot of fun on this next portion of your journey.