Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Waiting Game - Self-Publishing Fun

So I know that self-publishing is quicker than going through a huge publishing house. I get that. Totally. It is, after all, up to me when things happen.  Everything is contingent on me setting goals and following through.

The problem is, there comes a time when you have to rely on someone or something else. This may be a conversion service because you don't have the time or energy to convert your manuscript to an epub file, or it may be that you are waiting for that one friend to finish reading the first draft of your book.  Whatever it is, the waiting game sucks.

Maybe I misread BookBaby's timelines, I'm not sure. Regardless, I feel like this is taking forever to get my book out and distributed and that is irritating.  It could also be that I'm a kid a month before Christmas using all my 5 year old powers to try to find the hidden presents throughout the house.  But whether I find the presents or not, Christmas is still on December 25, and it won't come any faster. 

In the mean time, I've contacted different people to get some reviews done (incidentally, if you, wonderful reader, decide to purchase my book and read it - do review it. The more reviews and stars given - bad or good - the better it is for me.). I've also determined approximately how I will share a preview chapter. A friend of mine is generously going to host a PDF of one of the chapters which will be available to download through this blog until I have a domain name devoted to the book.  

But the process takes time, in every way.  Yes, it is frustrating, especially since I want so desperately to get the book out and see what everyone thinks.  I know a lot of people have said they can't wait to read it.  Once it is up, I will place links on this blog directly to the different sites so people can choose whatever format works best for them.

In the mean time, sit tight, just like me.  It will come...soon.  The 10 days BookBaby has to convert should be done Wednesday July 13.  From there, Amazon has the shortest wait to availability, and I think Sony has the longest. Amazon takes 2-3 business days (which means by July 17 my book should be available for Kindle - according to BookBaby's support staff) while Sony has 2-3 weeks (which means by August 3 it should be available for Sony e-readers, again according to BookBaby's support staff). Everyone else is somewhere in the middle.

It'll happen.  And you can read a chapter from the Brothers here before then. I'm converting the chapter to PDF shortly. Then it's just a question to wait for a link. :-) Wait a little while longer, and you may be able to buy the entire trilogy in one shot...

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