Friday, August 26, 2011

Scamming Scammers - How dumb can they be?

I've done a lot of tutoring and private lessons for a little extra cash here and there. One of the places I typically advertise is Craigslist. Unfortunately, Bako doesn't seem to follow the Craigslist rules. People don't seem to use it very much which is more than a little annoying because it's one of the best free classifieds out there.

It used to be that scammers would post things on Craigslist, and it would be few and far between (well, at least that had been my experience up until Bakersfield). Now, when I post something for tutoring or private lessons, I get the most bizarre inquiries.

See below:
** Avoid:  wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
** More Info:

Hello how are you doing? I just want to know if the tutor lesson still
available for my son  for a month he is 14 years old, I want you to
calculate the cost of 1 hour  per day for three days in week for the
whole a Month and email me the total cost..Hope to read back from you

Now, my cost per hour was in my posting. So an idiot can use a calculator to figure out how much three sessions would be in a week and then multiply that by the number of weeks, right? Right.

Second question, why the hell is someone going to be in Bakersfield for a month after school has already started? Why would three hours tutoring be enough to be helpful for this kid?

All the email responses I've gotten from this particular posting have been the same. I have a 15 yr old kid who is going on vacation (VACATION TO BAKO FROM EUROPE... that makes sense...) and I want 3 hours tutoring for 4 weeks. Then they want all your information and they send you a check. You're supposed to take some of the money out and then send the rest to the mysterious nanny, who almost always lives in China or Mississippi.

Apparently these people don't get it either when I call them on their shit. I've told several of these people, "You know, I can deposit the check you send me, but I'm going to wait for it to clear the bank because scammers use Western Union immediately." I've also said this one, "If you're so wealthy, why are you having me send the money? Why not just send it yourself? That seems like it would work much better."

And yet these idiots keep on trying to scam me. The sad thing is, I think some people actually fall for this and get conned out of thousands of dollars.

Here's my proposal. Let's scam the scammers. Have them Fedex you a check, and then, never send the money. This way, they end up losing money on their scams and will have to stop. If you figure they're spending at least $5 on each thing, or up to $20 for something overnighted, it's going to become very unprofitable very quickly.

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