Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Brothers: Character Background on Leo

You couldn't expect me to not blog about Leo after blogging about Julian, right? The twins are almost a unit - in many ways they're opposite sides of the same coin.

I chose the name Leo from another emperor, this one a little later in the time-line of history. The reason I chose Leo was because like Julian, I wanted a name that was familiar and a little more human. I knew other characters were going to have stranger names and I wanted to open the book up with some familiarity and some questioning as to how normal or strange things would actually get. There was also the need to establish some connection between the Seelie and humans, which we will find out later, is nearly non-existent with the Sidhe (SHEE) or UnSeelie. For all those reasons, I wanted readers to be able to identify with the Grech boys, and therefore chose these names.

Because of the humanness of Leo's name, it further ties him to his twin brother, Julian. However, Leo and Julian are quite distinctive, if complimentary. Leo is lighter in skin tone, though his eyes are the same color as his brothers. His facial structure is more delicate and his hair while just as dark, is a long glorious sheet down his back. Still, we know from various conversations that despite his scholarly pursuits and his more delicate bone structure, Leo is quite capable of taking care of himself. While Julian lopes more like a dog than a cat, Leo is graceful, like a dancer, or more appropriately, a ninja.

Leo, like his other brothers, doesn't have the best luck with the ladies. He is shyer, and more reserved. He tends to be more comfortable with paints and brushes or a stack of volumes than he is with a hockey stick or a piano. While Julian is often playful, Leo is more serious. He is closer to Constantine in demeanor, and thus, they tend to spend more time together. Constantine trusts Leo a bit more than Julian because Leo isn't attracted to Khloe romantically, and he is also not concerned about his status.

While Julian and Constantine are able to create visions with their music, Leo does this when he tells stories. He does frequently for Khloe as she has a lot to learn. In many ways, Leo is the teacher of the three brothers, and therefore spends the most time instructing Khloe in the ways and history of the Otherworld. His character is crucial for guiding Khloe through much of the background she needs to learn before her birthday, when many delegates from across the veils will come to meet her.

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