Friday, May 11, 2012

Dawn, Angels, and Divinity

Recently I've been researching angels and demons (for reasons I hope to make clear soon). It has brought me back to questions about my own faith, and how to reconcile the strange ideas running around in my head.

It turns out more than half of all American adults believe in angels and demons. Over ninety percent believe in God. This is interesting to me. I wouldn't have expected so many to also believe in angels.

As I have begun to evaluate my own beliefs and god-given talents, I have discovered that guardian angels aren't just for Catholics. There is quite a large body of hooby dooby work out there related to angels. I struggle with both sets for different reasons. The most important reason is probably because religion is the product of humanity. Humanity is flawed. Therefore religion is flawed.

I struggle with religion. I do not, however, struggle with the glorious warmth of today's sunrise, or the soft purring cat curled up in my lap. I do not struggle with a friend's laugh, or inspired insight. These are things of beauty that prove to me the existence of the divine. That divinity is all I really need to know. That I know or experience anything else is icing on the cake.

Catholicism argues there are two kinds of angels - angels of God, and angels of man. Anyone could be an angel. An angel is a messenger. I don't have to believe in them. I just have to be open to what they have to say.

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