Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Hard to Be ADD - A Writer's Dilemma

It would be easier to be boring. It would be easier to have a single interest - like the snowy plover or Havana Brown domesticated cats or something equally narrow and limited.

Yes, that would be easy.

But no - instead I have an active, curious and hyper-creative mind. I'm not bragging - I'm annoyed.  I'm annoyed because these aspects that are useful and valued by culture generally are the very things that give me so much trouble. Dear reader, you may wonder how such things could plague a writer.

Yes it is true that I rarely get writer's block. I rarely get writer's block because I have the opposite problem. I have TOO MANY things to write. I have about twenty ideas for books going in my head right now, and I have about three I have to finish before I can even start these other ideas. It's annoying. I can't write fast enough. I can't get interested in the things I should be writing because my ideas floating around my skull are much more interesting. But of course, I can't really write those because I have to finish the things I've already started.

I have half of Lilith and Ammon written and half of a science-fiction project written. I know what is going to happen in Lilith and Ammon, but the science-fiction project is still fumbling around in my head. And then of course, I have my Apex saga Legion project which needs to be finished before both of those. Honestly, I only have a few pages left on that one, which means it will be relatively painless to complete (Yes Chris - it is literally a few days away!).

Happily, I just uploaded James: The Rollins Pack to Amazon. That has taken much longer than I would have liked, but at least it's up within six months of finishing the manuscript. Of course, I also have pipe dreams of writing the other Rollins brothers' stories - Jeremiah, Andrew, Frederick and Charles. They call to me, begging me to write about them. I've even had requests from my first draft readers to have a story written about Sybil, their mother.

It's a problem. Perhaps this is a good problem to have as a writer, but still - it's a problem. So, I struggle to remain focused. This is why the rest of my writing today will be devoted to Legion. Once finished with that, I will complete my personal science-fiction project (you're going to LOVE IT!). Then I'll get back to Lilith. Then we'll see about some of these other ideas. I'm hoping to get close to ten books up this year. 2012 is already half over, but the closer to ten I can get, the better it is for me as a writer. That's the magic self-published author number - ten.

I'll let you know how that works out when I get there.

In the mean time, wish me luck and help me stay focused!!

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