Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gender Prediction Dreams

Pregnancy is often associated with an increase in intuition. This may have to do with changes in the brain preparing women for motherhood or it could be we're just better attuned to our bodies than before.

For whatever reason, many women find themselves knowing things before hand - or having a degree of clairsentience.

While I've had my share of prescient dreams (often culminating in a deja vu like moment years later), I can't say I've had much of either occur during pregnancy. The deja vu moments I've had have not been related to pregnancy, but more to do with writing (crossing my fingers here). I think I had a moment when we were going through a name list spreadsheet, but that's all.

Then 2 nights ago I had a dream. I'm very sensitive to my dreams, so I pay close attention to their details and often ask questions or press things in my dreams lucidly.

This one threw me for a loop.

I've been feeling, for the most part, this baby is a boy. I can't tell you why, I just do. My dream however had me birth a baby girl named "Gabi" short for Gabriela. I really don't like that at all. I would never name my kid that. In fact, as I was dreaming I thought, "This is the opposite of what will happen."

Often times women will only dream the opposite of what they are having. This was the first and only gender dream I've had, so I can't come down on either side of the dream debate. I will say this, educated women (women with college or more) have been shown to make predictions of their baby's sex with 71% accuracy. If you look at all women, it's only 55% accuracy - basically a guess. So educated women are more likely to pick up on physical cues and well, know.

Since I've been pretty on the mark with the crowd on everything else (symptoms, growth etc), I expect I will be on this as well. That said, I know if I have a little girl I will adore her just as much as I would a boy. I've seen that in myself. But honestly, when it comes right down to it, I think I'd be a better mom to boys.

I worry about my tendency towards coldness and tough love. I am so passionate about honesty, it can be hurtful sometimes. Over time this has been tempered, but it still comes out especially with direct questions or when I'm tired or hungry. I know, from personality traits (and even the length of my ring finger - yes, that's a thing) I have a higher testosterone level for a woman. Women with higher testosterone levels tend to have boys because well, they're better at raising boys.

I've never been good with girls. I have maybe 3 girlfriends I talk to on a regular basis, and they are all women who tend to hang out with guys. Girliness bugs me like you wouldn't believe. I hate the idea of carnation pink and lilac purple. I don't do well with manicures because the paint chips in like 30 seconds - I'm too active with art etc to keep my nails nice (let alone my cuticles - don't look at them, ever!). As a child I liked dolls as much as I did rocks and cars. Most of my playmates were boys. I only learned how to really do make up and hair in my 20s because I read magazines and made a friend whose art was that of fashion.

Girls?! Gah! Their pettiness and hurtful words aren't something I want to help a child through, though I know I'll have to - boy or girl (There's always a group of girls like that at school - you know it's true!).

All this is to say, what if my crazy "Gabi" dream wasn't intuitive at all, but just a combination of my concerns and my gut feelings? I don't know. I have the option of finding out the sex in a week. I'm half way - 20 weeks today. I still don't know if I want to find out. I like the idea of keeping things neutral. Ultrasounds aren't always accurate anyway. Then again, we may do something in between and get a sealed envelope and do a special dinner or something to find out the sex at a later time. I can't decide. This last option seems a good compromise between Christian's and my leanings. Then I could see if my instincts and these Chinese charts are right or wrong. Either way, I'm definitely not having a "Gabi" (no offense to those Gabis out there - it's just not my kind of a name).

Subconsciousness is weird. *grimace*

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