Monday, April 8, 2013

Show Far: My Growing Belly Update

I knew I was starting to show a few weeks ago, but when I saw the picture Christian took of me tonight my jaw dropped. It got me thinking about how far I've come in this pregnancy.

So far I've:
  • Had my blood drawn 4 times (once because the lab said I had a different blood type and RH factor - and I'll have to have this done again, but we won't talk about that now...).
  • Not taken any childbirth classes whatsoever - and I don't intend to - at least not in person. I read a ridiculous amount and will be attending a prenatal group through my birth center so I feel like it would be redundant.
  • Been scared shitless about being a parent even while I've been deliriously excited about this new life growing inside of me and the adventure it promises.
  • Purchased a total of 2 dresses and 7 tops (although one of them shrank beyond wearability after one wash).
  • Gone to 3 prenatal appointments.
  • Heard the baby's heartbeat twice.
  • Seen the baby once (and will again for an anatomy scan at 21 weeks).
It makes perfect sense. I'm almost half-way through my pregnancy. The baby is almost 6 inches long and half a pound at this point. I can feel movement. This thing growing in my belly is no longer a simple cluster of cells or an abstract thing. It is much more than that.

And it shows.


I wonder how much longer it will take for my students to comment. So far they continue moving along the way kids so often do - blissfully in their own little worlds - concerned about their lunches, snacks, friends, and timing of summer vacation.

Though I have seriously considered making one of their drawing prompts "Draw something related to babies/pregnant ladies" (not sure on the wording for this one as I might need to be careful with my prepubescent 5th graders) I have yet to broach the topic. I'm waiting for them to bring it up. Eventually one of them will. It's just a question as to when. And as I wait for one of them to bring it up, my belly continues to grow along with the resident in my womb.

No matter how I look at it, my body is changing rapidly and we're getting closer and closer to all the excitement, terror, and wonder of being full-fledged parents (as crazy as that sounds). There's no denying it any more. It is absolutely real.

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