Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Speculation: Betting On Kiddo's Appearance

Since I'm suffering from my nightly preggo-somnia, I figured I'd make a fun little post about a few things that have been running around my head - speculations if you will.

This is, for lack of a better term, a wager post. I know - I'm Baptist. How can I encourage gambling? To you I say, we do our fair share of Bingo nights the same as any other denomination (the baby just kicked to confirm)! Besides, part of the fun of waiting is anticipation and speculation. Why not up the ante (badum cha!)?

So here's the low down:

EYES: I've got hazel eyes. Christian has blue. This combination means our kid has a 50% chance of getting either color (both dominant and recessive - doesn't matter). In Christian's family the first boy usually has blue eyes (his uncle, himself, our eldest nephew). My bet is if we have a boy, his eyes will be blue. If we have a girl, I'm betting hazel.

SEX: I'm still leaning towards not finding out the sex of the baby until birth, but regardless, speculation is fun. According to Chinese charts I'm having a boy. My sister-in-law informs me all the cousins have had boys in this generation. I'm eating a ton, which usually indicates boy. I always eat breakfast, which according to some research, moms who eat breakfast around conception are more likely to have boys. I also *feel* like it's a boy. However...every now and then I think, "No, it might be a girl." The reality is, it's also a 50/50 chance like the eye color. But if someone was going to ask me today, I'd still guess boy.

HAIR: This one is tricky. A lot of genes factor into hair color and it's not something that can be pinned down to percentages. But let's look at the facts. My parents both had dark hair in their youth (almost black like mine). My grandparents all had dark hair. Only one biological aunt of mine has light hair, and she's a half sibling to my dad. So...pretty strong representation of dark hair.

On the other hand... All Christian's siblings have blond hair. His mom has blond hair. Our nephews, despite their father having black hair, all came out with blond hair. Christian's dad has medium brown hair. As to earlier generations, I'm not sure, though I have seen a fair amount of blonds in their family gatherings. Christian himself has something between red, brown, and dark blond (he is a self-professed 'calico' with most hair colors represented).

So...what do I bet for hair color? I'm going to bet on my dark hair genes with a catch. I have this niggling dream of birthing a ginger. Though my hair is dark, I have some serious red highlights and I think it would be super fantastic to have a kid with auburn hair. Thus, to be contrary, I'll bet auburn (though honestly I'm betting dark hair at birth).

HOW MUCH? But how much of this elusive hair will our blessed bundle have? Apparently heartburn is an indicator. Studies have shown that women with more heartburn are more likely to give birth to babies with full heads of hair. This isn't always the case, but there is a significant majority where it is. So let's look at my case - I have nightly heartburn and am popping Tums like it's candy. My own newborn head was covered in dark spiky tresses. Needless to say I'm betting on a full head of hair.

Everything past that, I'd prefer to just wait and see. I'm not going to guess on eye shape, or skin tone, or noses, or lips. The reality is, what will be will be.

I keep reminding Christian that even if we have a boy, he may like to dance and do art, while breaking technology. A girl may be more mechanically inclined and technopathic than her father. And I'm cool with any combination there of. I don't want to even begin to wager of the finer points of personality and preference (M-B types anyone???).

So based on the case I've presented, what do you wager? Will I be completely wrong and get a platinum peach-fuzzed blue-eyed daughter? Will I be right, or is auburn hair just blatant wishful thinking on my part? Place your bets now! We'll check back in 22+ weeks and see how close I was!

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