Monday, May 20, 2013

Pregnancy Annoyances: Touching Toes

There are some parts of me I can no longer see, but there are more that I can't touch.

I am speaking particularly of my legs and toes. Until I couldn't reach these places I didn't realize how important it was for me to get down there! I can't easily shave. I can't easily moisturize. Painting my toenails is impossible. Forget bending at the waist to fill the cat dish, pick up the bath mat, or grab a spare bit of art material off the floor.

This is because I can't smoosh my belly. I can't even slouch without having problems. If I squish the kiddo bad things happen, namely I can't breathe and feel like I'm going to hurl. Yeah, it's not good. Soooo what's a preggo lady to do? Well, if she's like me, she gets her husband to do it for her.

Yes, suddenly Christian is drafted to do all kinds of things which makes me feel pretty strange and completely dependent.  I feel like I've regressed to the age of 2 every time I have to ask him to do something I physically cannot do. I need to ask someone else to help me do basic things...which doesn't make sense to me because I'm 30...but I'm pregnant...which is considered to be disabled. Yes it is. Temporarily disabled. And the reason is because I can't touch my toes by bending at the waist. And if I tried to squat to touch my toes or pick something up, I'm still going to need help. Of course instead of picking up the random thing, I'll be the thing being picked up off the floor.


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