Sunday, May 19, 2013

SWC Day 12, A Wolfy Reading Day and Future Plans

Well, I decided to start with ANDREW, the second (or third depending on how you order them) from THE ROLLINS PACK. This decision was made based on three things:
  1. This is a book in a series and series are well received in genre fiction.
  2.  It was also the longest manuscript stub I had.
  3. I know exactly what will happen at the end of this book because it leads into JAMES' plot (Which you know because Andrew is older than James and these books are fragments of their family's story, told when each boy is at the relative center of things.).
I'll be honest. I'm fighting my own artsy self-indulgence by working on this. My inclination is to start a whole other book (namely Book 4 of KHLOE) from scratch. However, I wanted to make sure I stayed true to my plan. I didn't account for writing a whole new book. I wanted to get some of these projects that have been collecting dust finished. They deserve to see the light of day - to be read and enjoyed.

The result was I had another reading day to bring me up to snuff on the plot. Thankfully I was able to finish reading the stub completely in one day as well as make some writing additions to the manuscript (not large, but still there was some progress).

My guess is I'll be able to finish the first draft of ANDREW in a week if I keep up with my daily writing goals. I may even be able to finish sooner considering I have a long weekend next week for Memorial Day (that means two extra days of no work obligations that I can focus on jamming out words).

Finishing ANDREW will mean I will have finished 4 books since I began my writing challenge. I would need to finish one other non-fiction book and then I have a total of 7 manuscripts that need covers, polishing, and formatting for publication. If I wanted to be really ambitious, I could shoot to finish one of my other fiction stubs (the one that's nearly as long as ANDREW's was) and have a total of 8.

Once the books are all written, I'll have to go back and proof/edit. Between editing projects, I'll have art breaks where I'll work on making cover designs for each. I have a few ideas floating in my mind (one for BELOW THE BELT and another for LILITH AND AMMON). JEREMIAH has a preliminary sketch for a cover, and as to ANDREW, I am at a total loss. For the non-fiction books I'm going to try for something a little less arty with a bit more GIMP manipulation. We'll see.

I think that brings us up to date with my plans and how much more I have to complete. I'm feeling really good about things right now, most especially because I'm able to force myself to work on things that aren't exactly where I want to focus. However, I notice once I'm committed to a project, it develops a new appeal.

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