Thursday, May 2, 2013

RH Negative Fun and Complications

If you didn't know already, I'm actually magical.

Okay no, not really. But I am apparently a human-ancient alien hybrid. That's right folks! I'm part reptile! Or something... :-/

If you didn't get the overwhelming sarcasm of the last paragraph, you might be Californian, or just reading, but rest-assured, it was sarcastic.

But seriously, I am (according to the latest two rounds of blood tests from two separate lab companies) rh negative. In the U.S. we only make up about 15-16% of the population. And there are reasons for this. Because well, rh negs like myself, our blood doesn't do positive - like, at all.

When positive and negative blood mix...they clump in a weird way. This is because negative blood will attack the positive blood. You can imagine the kinds of problems this might cause in transfusions etc.

Christian unfortunately doesn't know his rh status, which means he has to get tested before 28 weeks into my pregnancy. If his blood is negative, then I don't have to get an extra series of shots. If he is positive, I do...or my baby could die.

Alright, the first baby probably won't die. But the second could.

This is because if the baby is positive and my blood and the baby's mix, I could build up antibodies to reject future babies, or just make them terribly sick. Either way I look at it, we're about 1.5 months out from him needing to be absolutely certain his blood is one way or the other.

When I got my own blood test back, my mom didn't believe it. She is positive. My dad is positive. I just happened to be the 33% unlikely offspring of two +/- parents. Lucky me. I will blame my grandparents for this one (my maternal grandmother and probably my paternal grandfather, though I'll never know with that one).

And their legacy? What exactly is this fun little factor that I have that makes pregnancy just a little more complicated? Where did it come from?

Well, they think it may have come from Neanderthals. Or at least, that's the going theory that doesn't yet have scientific proof (that part of the gene hasn't been sequenced yet). The reason people think this strange and rather useless blood factor came from Neanderthals? Well, most people like the idea of something that could kill babies coming from a foreign group. That would be an easy explanation. The only other explanation I could find is simple goofy evolution.

Most people like this idea that rh negative blood makes them special. It's a fun little theory (or science fiction). I've read all kinds of strange things about rh negative blood people, connecting all kinds of random traits to this blood type.

The most popularly spouted of these are the physical characteristics and the psychic/empathic/electrical ones. I've also read a lot of stuff connecting ruling classes to rh negative blood - blue bloods.


So let's just, for shits and giggles, go through one of the more extensive lists I've found.
  1. Hazel eyes? Check
  2. Ion shielding? Going with no (what the hell is that?!). 
  3. Reddish hair? Check. I've always had natural red highlights. 
  4. Low blood pulse and body temperature? Does the inability to control my body temperature count? I'm going to...check
  5. Low blood pressure? Check
  6. Sharp sight or hearing? Well my sight sucks, but my hearing is actually off the charts (I've had it tested), so check. 
  7. Pronounced intuition? I'm loathe to say this one, but check.  
  8. Extra rib or vertebrae? Not to my knowledge. 
  9. Love of space and science? Check! But who doesn't? 
  10. Sense of not belonging? Check. But I always attributed this to being, well, different in my approach to life - not to my genetics!
  11. Piercing eyes? Uh, based on anecdotal evidence provided by third party observers, I will check.
  12. Paranormal occurrences? Damn. Check.
  13. Psychic dreams? Check. In my family, they're actually called "an Alexis."
  14. Truth seeking? Check. But who doesn't?
  15. Desire for higher wisdom? Check. But again, isn't this common?
  16. Enhanced empathy? Check, though I wish I didn't.
  17. Compassion for humanity? It depends on the day...I guess check.
  18.   Higher mental analytical abilities? You mean, am I smart? Yeah. I'm pretty smart. Check.
  19. Mission in life? Sigh. Check.
  20. Psychic abilities? Do we have to talk about this again? I feel weird. Check.
  21. Unexplained scars? What the hell do scars have to do with anything? NO!
  22. High sensitivity to EM and ELF fields? Lol. Yeah, I'm actually an EMP. DOUBLE CHECK!
  23. Alien contact? Psht! No!
So out of 23 weird separate characteristics popularly attributed to rh negative people, I've got 19 of them.

Oh, and just so we're clear on the ruling class business, yes, my family has blood ties to European nobility. So if we add that, I'm shooting 20 out of 24. Sheesh.

While I'd love an explanation as to why I break phones, computers, and dishwashers, or regularly have clairvoyant dreams, I don't connect these things to my blood type. The only thing that I absolutely do connect to my blood type is the very real and dangerous possibility of making my baby sick (s/he just started kicking to remind me why I would take preventative measures to protect the kiddo). So unless (or until) science somehow proves that I'm related to the Nephilim or the Annunaki, I'll just chalk the high correlation of traits to coincidence.

It is coincidence...right??? Please tell me this is just coincidence. I don't want to be anecdotal proof of these fringe theories!

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