Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I'm beginning my writing challenge with a sci-fi romance (I say romance, but it has some serious action adventure as well) I started some time ago - BELOW THE BELT. Without saying too much about it, I will say I like the writing a LOT. I can notice a difference between this and my earlier work (already!). As far as the story itself, I will also say I made many choices taking into account Christian's input. I think they were good, and will make for a really interesting read. It's certainly not - expected. :-)

But let's check in about my goal. At the beginning of the day I had 55,809 words. To reach my goal, I had to bring my word count up to 60,309 words. When I stopped writing this afternoon, I had 60,334! SUCCESS!

This was a lot easier to reach than I expected, but I also had freedom within the day. I could sleep in the morning (which I needed to do) and I could take breaks during the afternoon. Even still, I found that writing several chapters of fiction was a lot faster of a process than writing articles or non-fiction chapters.

Probably this varies from person to person, but for me, once I have a line of plot, I'm able to carry it through, especially when I have a self-imposed deadline like the one I've given myself in this writing challenge.

Hopefully tomorrow I have the same bit of luck. I'll keep you posted, and make sure you keep checking up on me! I need the encouragement!

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