Friday, May 10, 2013


Well I was extra productive since my last post. Partially this was because after I blogged my day's total, I had a burst of late night inspiration yesterday. Then today, I pushed myself through an additional 4500+ words.

So to recap, as of yesterday's blog update, I had 64,971 words for BELOW THE BELT. In order to reach today's goal of 4500 words, I needed to have at least 69,471. I went all the way to 70,902! WOOHOO! WRITING LIKE A BOSS!

I figure if I can maintain my daily word count goals, I can finish the first draft of this book by Monday (maybe Wednesday if the plot requires it). Then I'll be able to move on to one of my non-fiction pieces, LILITH AND AMMON, or ANDREW. I could, of course, try to pull out another of my stand alone adult fiction pieces, but I'd rather focus on getting some more of my YA series' books out. I figure they'll all be a little bit more interesting because of the numbers. This is my guess, based on my own feelings and the choices of many genre fiction readers (and publishers).

Here's to keeping up my momentum and churning out a whole bunch of writing! WOOHOO!

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