Friday, September 23, 2011

Writing Sad? Cheer up!

HOne of the problems of having a high emotional quotient (EQ) is you feel anything that you encounter in your environment. This includes conversations, facial expressions of passersby, and of coure media.

It's even stronger when you're creating the media yourself. So, you can imagine the impact writing the books I'm currently writing is having on me. One of them is a tragedy, and the other combines forbidden love with the villian's introduction. Needless to say, it's not good. I like writing these books, but I know it's taking an emotional toll. I should have written a happy book instead to balance out Legion.

So what does a person do to bring some balance to life? I can tell you now, it's not at your job (unless you're really lucky).

Normally I would recommend a few different things, most of which I myself have NOT been doing.

1. Get some sun. Sun makes people happy. They have lights for just this sort of thing.
2. Exercise - it releases endorphins, thus making you happy.
3. Meditate - this helps relieve stress and gets you back to center.
4. Surround yourself with funny/happy people/media. A good laugh really is the best medicine.

As you may know, I haven't been very good at doing any of these but the last since I took my current job. That said, I have used all these techniques to raise my spirits while writing something sad or going through a trying period of life.

So, do yourself a favor - cheer yourself up. :-)
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