Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SWC Day 14: Slow Day

Through a combination of things (think: the on-going swelling issue - see yesterday's post - along with exhaustion and leg cramping) today just didn't happen. I got about 1000 words written and then just stopped.

I'm going to blame this on being preggo.


Some days just don't work out (though I did this morning, which apparently was too much for me - I guess I didn't drink enough water or stretch ).

Thankfully tomorrow I have off so I can spend some time with my legs up (which apparently is necessary now...sheesh!) and reach my writing goals. I *have* to get back on track, especially since the plot is getting pretty exciting (I can't wait to write it! This is the turn of the *entire* series!).

So tonight I'll get some sleep, drink a ton of water, and then be ready to get my writing on tomorrow morning.

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