Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SWC Day 26: Scheduling for Self-publishing Success

Last night in a fit of planning (nesting maybe?) I decided to get very specific about my tasks for the next few months.

The result is I came up with goals that I could use for each of the different aspects of self-publishing. This is to make sure I'm still working on things (and don't feel guilty about doing something other than writing), but also to guarantee I won't burn out (essential if I want to achieve my summer publishing goals).  They are the following:
  • Writing days - 2000-4000 words
  • Research days - 2-4 hours (specifically for non-fiction book references though could also be used for marketing etc)
  • Formatting days - 2-4 hours of digital and/or print formatting
  • Rewriting days - 2-4 hours
  • Marketing days - 2-4 hours developing media kits, cover art, connecting with reviewers/readers/bloggers about book launches
  • Mixed days - at least half the goal of 2 different categories
Some people might think I'm being a little low in my goals, but this is achievable for me considering my current condition (and the next 2 weeks of work). However, just because I have these smaller blocks for different areas doesn't mean I can't work on multiple areas in one day. In order to make sure I'm spending enough time on my goals, I decided to implement an old strategy of mine - scheduling.

Lists are fine, but schedules make completion that much easier. Even if you don't stick *exactly* to your schedule, it takes the question of time management out of the picture and helps divide your day into blocks. So while my schedule today said I needed to wake up at 7:30, that didn't exactly happen. However, I did get the things done this morning that I wanted to, including EXCELLENT cover art for LILITH and AMMON. I have to say I'm REALLY excited about it. I thought I might have enough time to get some other cover art done, but 2 hours wasn't enough to get more than one book cover completed (though I did get part of the BELOW the BELT cover done). Unfortunately I had other things besides my publishing projects to do this morning (you know, like work out and shower).

The moral of the story? Scheduling is already working well. It was (and is) a good idea and it's something I will have to be diligent about doing from now on. I think I'll have better success because of it.

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