Thursday, July 4, 2013

SWC: Modifying Publishing Goals

I'm a bit embarrassed about how unproductive I've been thus far this week. Through a combination of appointments, meetings, exhaustion, heat, and a new supplement with a sedating effect, my schedule has been completely trashed.

Fortunately my resolve wasn't trashed along with productivity. If anything my resolve and motivation has been strengthened over the past few days. Through conversations with friends, blogging across my different blogs, and a great deal of introspection, I am even more committed to my plan than before, though I realize there will be some modifications.

It's become clear the blog tours aren't going to happen during the summer, though I wanted them to. Instead, I'm going to focus on press releases and giveaways. I may have some guest posts going at various blogs, but it seems the tours themselves may have to wait until after the baby, or possibly get scraped all together.

Print formatting is something I need to do for all my books. Even though every holiday brings more purchases of ereaders and various tablets, many people still prefer print books. Unfortunately formatting for print is the thing I procrastinate the most (typically I want to shoot myself in the face about an hour into actually doing it). That means I need Christian to at least be hanging around pushing me to get it done. This is a new lesson I learned about myself, but thankfully I now know what I need in order to get this part of goal done (and hopefully reach new readers).

I have three books I'm interested in finishing writing & publishing for my summer challenge. I've chosen to focus on these rather than other projects (the two non-fiction books that only have vague ties to my current focus areas). Two of these should be quick, even with some minor research (pregnancy related). The third is a fiction piece that has ties to my interests in religion (and has a fantastic first chapter that will get you seriously hooked if I do say so myself).

I realize working on these last three projects may push me a little against the wire, especially if I have more weeks like this one. However, tomorrow is a new day, full with possibilities. I can only do what I can do, and I can't berate myself for things outside of my control.

With that in mind, There are 3 focus areas I have for this next week:
  • Print formatting completed for finished books along with covers etc. (bleh!)
  • Writing the last three books
  • Press releases for the finished books
 If I can get these things done this week I will be incredibly proud of myself and will feel a lot more secure about moving forward. Cross your fingers for me and I'll keep you updated!

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