Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I LOVE Sharing! or 3 in a ROW!

I have discovered something new about myself - I LOVE sharing my books with people. I don't mean talking about them. I mean, I'm an author. OF COURSE I like talking about them.

No, I mean giving them away.

I really love having book giveaways. They're fun. It makes me happy when I can tell someone they won a prize and I get to give them something they didn't know they'd get. Probably that puts a smile on their face (or at least that's how I imagine it) which puts a smile on my face.

How awesome is that?

Because I love doing this soooo much, I'm going to do a lead up to the release of LILITH & AMMON.

That means for the next couple weeks, you are going to be able to win a copy of each of the available KHLOE ALWELL books.

From TODAY through NEXT MONDAY you can enter to win THE BROTHERS.

The FOLLOWING WEEK you will be able to enter to win a copy of LOVERS & RIVALS.

THEN...as if this wasn't enough awesomeness...you can enter to win a free copy of LILITH & AMMON (which is readable either as a prequel or book 3...however you're feeling at the time).

Yep. In a few minutes I'll upload THE BROTHERS giveaway and you can start entering! Woohoo!

P.S. I'm a little excited. :-P

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