Thursday, August 1, 2013

SWC UPDATE: Publishing, Formatting, and Writing! Oh My!

I'm really excited. I updated my NOVELS page which now includes links to some of my older novels, as well as a summary of JEREMIAH. I also added LILITH's cover (which you can check out to the left!) because hopefully I will have the few formatting/rewriting issues completed by the end of this week.

And you know what that means...


In addition to this, I started putting together a small collection of poems that I began writing since this horrible transition period in my life. They're about the struggles Christian and I have been facing, as well as my feelings about the pregnancy in general. I'm pretty excited about it because it is such a departure from what I've published previously...however I've always wanted to publish poems. Even though I don't expect much reader love for them, I do hope those who do read them can find some strength or voice when they're experiencing similar situations. That's really the goal - to give voice to those moments of crisis, and build strength for those who feel like they have none. Because let's face it, for a lot of people, that's happening now. And I feel it. I feel for them, and I want those people to know (perhaps you?) they're (you're) not alone.

I also uploaded the first chapters of THE BROTHERS and JAMES for FREE on Wattpad. About 30 seconds after I did that, I noticed I already had like 14 reads on each. Hopefully it will get some people interested in the books. I know, as my fans have said, that once you get hooked you can't put them down. I will likely do the same for both LOVERS AND RIVALS as well as JEREMIAH. Once LILITH is ready, that will follow as well.

I'm feeling like I have a little traction with that's good.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with these goofy non-fiction pieces that I'm still unsure about (particularly as to their formatting).

I might actually get somewhere close to my publishing goal yet! It's sort of amazing, and unbelievable considering I only have 5 weeks left until my due date (and that's if kiddo decides to stick to the schedule...which how often does that happen?). I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to get these things together and make magic happen. Maybe I should channel Khloe for this. We'll see. All we can do is wait and see...

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