Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Writing Nitty Gritty

First of all, make sure you enter to win a copy of book 1 in the KHLOE ALWELL series, THE BROTHERS. You have nothing to lose, and a fun book to gain. Seriously.

Now that we've covered that and you have a second tab open in your browser ready to enter my giveaway, we can get on to business. And let me tell you - I have been busy.

Not only did I publish another book (BELOW THE BELT), upload a bunch of my ebooks to Goodreads (I'm going to set it up for you to purchase directly after reading a sample. To check them out, click my Goodreads widget in the sidebar!), but I also just completed my author interview on Smashwords. I probably should have asked and answered these questions myself a long time ago, but...I didn't. I don't have that much foresight. Luckily Smashwords does. I really recommend taking a look at my interview to learn more about the inner workings of my writerly brain. Then go ahead and browse the author interviews. I did that myself and found some really interesting stuff on there.

Smashwords authors are quite a wild mix. There are people like me who went straight to independent publishing and then there are people who came out of the Big Six publishing world to do something different (and every combination and iteration in between you can imagine!). It's also interesting to see the questions authors post and their specific paths (which vary greatly).

If you ever wanted to become an author (or just write a memoir), reading interviews of authors will be a helpful exercise. I guarantee it.

Now, if you've forgotten, let me remind you to enter my giveaway. Really. You should. Next week there will be a giveaway for book 2 (LOVERS AND RIVALS), followed by a giveaway for my brand spanking new book 3 - LILITH AND AMMON. You could win the whole series! But don't wait to enter - you have through Monday! Good luck!

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