Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Help - A Request to My Readers

I've been reading a lot of Ben Sweetland lately. While some of the things he wrote had to be taken with a grain of salt (men being the primary breadwinners...pretty much universally or women only wanting a new wardrobe), the principles are useful.

As such I'm going to follow his advice.

Here's what I want. I want 10,000 readers. I will know I have 10,000 readers by how many book sales I make, but the goal is the readers.

Because I'm working towards getting 10,000 readers, I thought it would make sense to declare this to the world. In order to get 10,000 readers I'm asking my fans to talk about or gift my writing with 5 people. Whatever 5 people you think would like my books (fantasy, science-fiction, young adult, romance, adventure, werewolves, etc), share my info or give them a copy!

Remember, these books are very reasonably priced and readers can download a portion of each book FREE from Smashwords to see if they find it interesting (and they make sure to send them that direction if you haven't gifted one my books!).

When I reach different milestones I will do something special for my readers - I'll start out small at 1,000 and then 5,000 readers will have something more fabulous. 10,000 readers will mean something really special (and if I reach 15k or 20k or 25k, well then I'll go progressively more awesome with each milestone!). I am taking suggestions for things readers would like/be interested in - be it something like an prints of cover art, free stories, merch, coupon codes for free books, or me doing a truth or dare (I'm serious about that last one).

Thanks for your help and your love! I'm counting on you!

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