Monday, December 2, 2013

Videos for Writers

Christian and I did something a little crazy. We bought a video camera. And what do we hope to accomplish with our new HD super ballistic special fantastic camera? Well, record things of course!

Specifically, Christian is planning on doing some motorcycle related recording, but I'm get to do a few things that are very different, and very exciting.

The first thing is I get to record the baby (and will probably put properly edited videos on my Raising an Alien blog). Seeing as I was never recorded as a child, this is a kind of exciting thing to be able to do for my kid.

The second thing is I'll get to record a few trailer type deals for my books. I'm hoping to have interview questions or something for each series/novel etc. The videos may be short segments - like one question per video - or they may end up being longer bits. I'm not sure. It's going to depend on many things, including my make-up stash (I mean, let's be realistic - I'm over 30 and female. I can't go out without putting a little bit of face on!) to be perfectly honest.

Regardless of how the videos turn out or what form they take, I'm excited about this new way for readers to interact with me (even though it may take some time for anything to get posted). Be patient, cross your fingers, and keep your eyes peeled!

If you have suggestions or preferences for the kinds of videos I put up please comment below or mention me on Twitter or comment on my Facebook page. I'd love some outside input!

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